John Legon


Readers of books and articles by independent researchers such as Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock will have encountered a number of references to my discovery of the unified Plan of the Giza Pyramids, but may have difficulty obtaining access to my original articles on the subject. These were published in obscure journals and may now be found gathering dust on the shelves of academic libraries.

I therefore decided to make the results of my research available through the medium of the Internet, so that all may have access to some interesting and quite significant information.  It is hoped that my findings will pave the way for a radical rethink concerning the function of the pyramids, for a  major shift in mindset wiil be needed before we will have any chance of  comprehending the mysteries of the distant past in Egypt and elsewhere, ad so regain our true place in the cosmic scheme of things.

Despite having spent the best part of a llfetime arguing against the old "pyramid-inch" theories with their biblical interpretations, I now realise that there is a grain of truth in these seemingly far-fetched ideas, but we must be careful not to cast pearls before swine if we are to avoid watching them being trampled in the dirt by the insensitive majority of pyramid theorists.

In addition to my work on pyramid design, I have included articles derived from my original contributions to such diverse topics as the Egyptian Artists' Canon of Proportions, Egyptian Metrology and Mathematics, and the use of the nbj-measure in calculating the volumes of stone extracted during the cutting of the royal tombs at Thebes.  I have also added a number of my articles in PDF format, which can be printed out for convenient study and reference.

John Legon


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