The purpose of this website is to make more readily available, the contents of a selection of my articles in the broad field of Egyptology, dealing primarily with the planning of the Giza Pyramids but also including my original contributions to such diverse subjects as ancient Egyptian metrology, the artists' Canon of Proportions, and the scribes' calculation of the volumes of stone extracted during the cutting of the royal tombs at Thebes.

Given that references to my research may now be found in a number of books and papers, many of which have achieved world-wide circulation, it seems desirable to make some of the primary material accessible to a wider audience. Only specialists have hitherto had convenient access to my articles, in obscure journals which may be found gathering dust on the shelves of academic libraries. But even though, through the medium of the Internet, it is quite easy to make some fairly interesting and significant facts more generally known, my personal preference and priority is to record recent discoveries in printed publications.

In constructing this website, I have taken the opportunity to refine the text of one or two of the articles presented here; but apart from minor editing and new graphics, the material remains for the most part the same as originally published. .

John Legon

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